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These cards are produced on heavy-weight photographic-quality glossy paper. They measure 85mm x 48 mm (approx).
They are sold in packs of 20
You can choose from a range of layouts, backgrounds, and text font colour.
Text layout:
(white backgrounds shown)


double (1)

double (2)

double (3)
order code: AD1- AD2- AD3- AD4-


light grey

medium grey

photograph (1)


order code: BB BL BM BP BW BY

Font colour: black
(medium grey & blue backgrounds only)
order code: FK FB FW

How to buy address cards
1. select order code:
2. tell us what to
put on the card:
(200 characters max)
3. then click here:

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4. If delivery address is outside Europe, click here

5. Email us your photo (where applicable). Preferred formats: JPG, TIFF, PSD; 200 dpi recommended minimum resolution.

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