KamFoto personalised cards gallery - birthdays

The front of each card has three parts - a foreground, a background, and a greeting. In most cases you can choose at least 2 of these.

The foreground pattern is based on either on the name of the person, or the age.

The background may be plain white, or may be a pattern containing details of the birthday - for example the person's name, age, date of birth, etc - you are able to specify the text you want.

The greeting is often fairly plain although in some cards, it forms part of the foreground pattern.

age series
length series
alphabet series
summary - length & alphabet series
Remember - the designs shown here are examples of what is on offer. Unless otherwise stated, you choose the name, the greeting, and the background.
The Birthday Card series.

There are three birthday card series, based on the foreground pattern:

1. age. This is usually based on numbers, but roman numerals are used in some cards.

2. length. Here the name is transformed in some way. The effect depends on a number of things:

3. alphabet. - Here the main design element is the first letter of the name and so the design can be used for almost any name.