KamFoto - photo restoration and retouching

Do you have photos that are creased, cracked, faded, stained?
Then let us restore them for you!
Would you like something (or someone) removed from a photo?
Let us do it for you!
(Sadly, we cannot perform miracles, and we need to see the photo before telling you what is possible).
We work on a digital image of the original print and so the original is not affected by what we do. You can either send us the original for us to scan or you can send us a digital file. If you choose the former option, you should send the print (or 35mm negative/slide) by registered post so that it is traceable and has to be signed for. If you choose to send us a digital file, it should be at as high a resolution as practicable, preferably at least 300dpi, and in TIFF, PSD, or high-quality JPEG format.

Please contact us to discuss your needs before sending anything.